Based Upon was launched in 2004 by twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell. 

Focusing initially on designing surfaces with a lightweight metallic skin – the appearance of solid metal, but light enough to be used as a versatile material in interiors – the firm has grown to encompass limited-edition furniture  https://www.basedupon.com/design-1, collaborations with top interior designers and public art. Working with metal is the theme that links its diverse portfolio.


Based Upon have created works for Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, Ahmedabad, Rove Gallery, London, Masterpiece, London, India Art Fair, Montpelier Hall, Knightsbridge, London, World Trade Centre, Dubai, Nobu Berkley Street, Rolls Royce, The Mayfair Hotel, and Fortnum & Mason, among others. Their works have responded to urban spaces and landscapes ranging from Central Park, New York, the Isle of Skye, Scotland, banks of the Yamuna River, the Nile, and the Thames, to Siberian terrain. In 2015, Based Upon unveiled their first public sculpture, for HSBC through the Cass Sculpture Foundation, A Grain of Rice, a 30 foot bronze sculpture in Hong Kong that represents a single grain of rice, hollowed out — the inside is mirror-polished bronze, while the outside tells the story of the corporation. A similar work is displayed at the Company’s London headquarters. Their works were also shown at the Taraporewala Mansion, Mumbai as a part of Volte Art Projects’ 10th anniversary celebration in 2019.

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now, UAE, 2003